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Hello friends Prime Minister Narendra Modi has approved the ‘Prime Minister Rural Digital Literacy Campaign’ (PMGDISHA) digitally for six crore houses. By March 2019, this ‘Prime Minister Rural Digital Literacy Campaign’ has been targeted for digitally forming 60 million families in rural India. The estimated budget of this project is about Rs 2,351 crore. And the government hopes that this project will be completed by March 2019, although in 2016-17, the Union Budget for the mission has been announced by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.

After receiving digital training, every person can be able to operate the computer and other digital devices like smart phones and tablets and browse the internet to send and receive emails. It is used to search for government services information, And will be in the work of cashless transactions, and in this scheme, all the people from 14 to 60 years can participate in this scheme. All students in this scheme run digital transactions mobile running the tablet running the computer Creating an email ID Run a web browser typing All this Can learn things very easily. In this, all this type of training will be given to you very easily PMG direction is going to be the dream of digitalizing India under the campaign run by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In this scheme, all small and semi-urban rural areas A special educational qualification has not been made for the students to make them aware. In this you will learn the computer information on mobile as well as turn off the computer information, etc. After which you will also be given a certificate.

This scheme will be launched by the CSC Common Service Center. More than 500000 Common Service Centers are running around the world. Opening the PMG Direction Institute for the VLE running Common Service Center, it can teach children in their rural and urban areas. If you also run the CSC Common Service Center then today you can register for the PMG direction in which you have successfully given sex training to a student, as soon as your student passes then you commissioned over the student at ₹ 300 It is also involved in some private agency in this.

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