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Common Services Centers

How to open a new CSC Digital Seva Center.

So let’s first talk about what qualifications you have and what you need to have a security should be to open the CSC center and how much money you have to spend

What Qualifications should be.

To open a digital service center, you must be 12th pass and at the same time you should have basic knowledge of computer and at the same time you should come to basic English.

How much does it cost to open a digital service center.

If you want to open a digital service center then it is absolutely free, its registration is online, you are given online and at the same time to open it, you have to have all the tools that you will have to buy.

Tools used in CSC.

If you want to open a CSC center then you should have a shop and you have a laptop computer computer printer scanner camera fingerprint scanner, internet connectivity etc.

Online process for taking CSC.

In order to open a CSC Digital Service Center, you will have to apply online, in which you have to register your mobile number and your email ID on your Aadhar card. After this, you will have to implement e-KYC with your Aadhar Card and after that, You will have to enter the OTP and make your verification and after that you will be given a form, then you will have to fill that form online only. You’ll need to submit the Form. In the form you will see photos inside the inside of your shop, your cancellation check, your photo, your information of the bank, your information must be submitted and submit the form, after which you will be given a number which will help you find your status in the future. You will see the video of this link for more information.